January 15, 2011

Ch. 10: The Missing Journal Part 1

It felt like being trapped in an apparent death, until a cold, light drop fell on his cheek -- a haze in the night that woke him up. Moving his body, he felt stiff and there was no strength left  even to open his eyes.

"Whaa--t" He tried to speak. No words came out of his mouth. There were only gasps and dark vision encircling him. He had not a slightest idea of what had happened or how it did. The next thing he knew, his forehead throbbed. The pain in his stomach was killing him.

How could he have ended up in such a state? The last time he recalled of being in so much pain was ... when he opened his eyes and found himself being tide to a chair. The blood poured out of his mouth. It felt a lot worse when he bowed down to open a sack and  then the green colored air surrounded him.

“Val?” Rosaline's voice was heard.

Her fingers ran gently through his forelock. He could feel her breathing, soft and tender.  Her skin felt cold and even though her hands were shaking, his depression, anger and fear fell quietly within seconds. There was serenity as he found himself less battling to get his feet back on the ground. 

"Are you okay?"

His cheek became wet  with the fallen of another drop. It streamed down onto his mouth, went inside through the corner of his lips --  tugging  at the tip of his tongue. It tasted salty, like sea water or tears. He knew then that it was  her tears as he heard her sobbing. Why was she crying?

Opening his eyes, all he could see was a blur while everything around him veiled in the dark vision. Strangely though, his head wasn't throbbing, the feeling of nausea had  already stopped, it felt a lot better, and soon... a song was heard. 

He knew the song. It was a song his mother used to sing to them, even though it wasn't his mother that night. It was her... Her light and mellow voice, accompanied by tremors at  the end of each of her lines -- hoarsely, only the remainders of what's left after all the screaming and horror.

“Everything is going to be okay, right?” She whispered  while she's holding his hand. Her fingers were cold. He knew he must get up  to check up on her. 
Getting clearer vision, he had finally recognized his surroundings. They were still there... inside the basement. She should have run, but she stayed with him instead. She held him on her lap and that's why he felt so comfortable around  his head, but not on his feet as they  directly hit the floor. Still, he enjoyed sleeping on her lap. It felt like being a five year old boy again. Her warmth was so much like his mom's. Her tenderness melted him, and the song... the song had been and would always be the song he would never forget. 

Closing his eyes, he  had not moved his body an inch. He wanted to be that way, to be touched, to be loved, and to feel those feelings he had never felt before--  until a harsh jolt pushed him down, and she was taken away from him.

"Valentin, help!!!”