June 28, 2010

The Love of a Firefighter Part 2/4 - Left Alone

I could not believe that she didn't show up on our wedding day. I thought she really wanted to marry me, but that special day vanished like a bad dream. All of the guests invited left the venue with only curiosity and questions in their minds. Some of them even laughed, mocking at my stupidity, including Aimee.

How could she? Did she change her mind at the last minute? If that's true, what had changed her mind? Didn't she love me?

That day was supposed to be the most beautiful day in our life, but she ruined it at the least moment.

When everyone had already left, I was still there, sitting on chair, staring at a candle, wondering and pitying over myself, over the gap that I could not fathom, over the reason behind her decision: the one that should have united us in the love that we have shared together, the one that would bind us and bring us closer than before --  the one that would lead us to a wonderful life that she and I would have together.

I thought she was happy, and she wanted me to be there for her throughout her life. It never came across my mind  that she would eventually decide to take another path without me inside it. At least, she should have told me first, before I rented the venue and placed things in orders, before we ordered the cake and bought our wedding dress, before the wedding day finally came and everyone invited came only to watch me alone at the altar.
I loved her... Why did she do this to me? At a time when I was so seriously involved with a woman and decided that it would be for the last time. Then, bang... the truth hit me in the face: she turned me down. I thought she loved me. Lila, honey...why?

Perhaps I should call her and ask her for her reason. Perhaps she got trouble on her way and ... oh,  I didn't  want to think about it, but what if she got an accident?

I reached for a public phone nearby because my cell phone was dead. I only got two coins in my pocket, so I dialed her number and waited long enough for an answer .... until the ringing tone finally ended. I guessed she really didn't want to talk to me, even to explain anything about it. How could she..?

Damnit!! I threw my cell phone onto the ground until it fell apart. My whole body felt weak, and it wasn't because of pain from a disease. The pain stabbed into my chest and my soul broke down into pieces until  finally I fell down onto the ground. I tried to hold it, but my tears were dripping. No! I must not cry! A man should not have cried for a woman who might not even love him truly. Lila probably never loved me. It all must have been nothing between us. Our relationship meant nothing for her. She was lying all those times. A true liar...she was nothing more than a liar.

I got up slowly from the ground and reached for the phone again. I had one coin left in my pocket.


That night  it felt chilly because of the drizzly rain that moistened the soil. I made two cups of hot coffee with no sugar in both cups and then turn the radio on. I waited for her to come that night. She said she also wanted to talk to me. She had enough of it  and needed a friend to talk to.

"Everyone was right. He- he''s been lying to me the whole time. I should have noticed the changes in his attitude. I was stupid. I'm such... a stupid woman." She said in tears after I greeted her in front of the door. Her clothes were wet. I asked her to change her clothes so she wouldn't get any cold. But I didn't have a woman's cloth, only a long white T-shirt, the one that I bought for Lila in case she chooses to spend a night here. I guessed Lila would never wear it.  After she had worn the T-shirt, she took a cup of hot coffee which I had prepared for her.

"I'm sorry to have called you at a time like this. " I said. " I did not know why,  but you're always easy to make others feel lighten." She and I were sitting on the dining chair,  enjoying our coffee. She glanced at me, feeling sorry for my experience of  being left at the altar.

" I wish I could do something to make you feel better, but I'm sure you will be happy without her either and will find your true happiness."

"Thanks." I smiled at her. The kettle made a sound from the boiling water.

I went to the kitchen to take the kettle from the stove, but while I was on my way  there, I thought about Lila and about  what should have happened on our "should have been" wedding day. I took the kettle from the stove without any pot holder. In a quick move, lifted it up with my whole palm against it, until my hand spontaneously reacted because of the heat. My chest held the kettle from falling off to the floor. It worked, but my shirt got wet, and my skin turned red because of the hot water spilled onto my chest and my arms. I took off my shirt and tried to find another one.

While I was on my way to the bedroom to grab a shirt, I went through the living room and found her crying in front of the door.

"Are you leaving?"  I asked.

Eva Drudge wiped her tears after she noticed me. "Sorry, Dave, I thought I could handle this. But, I can't. I bored him. He slept with that girl, and it's because I bored him."

"Eva... " I hugged her. " You know, it's not true."

Eva and I were close, closer than before.

"Dave...." She said  after I let her loose. "I don't want to come home tonight. I want to stay ...with you. Would you accompany me?"
"Are you sure?" I asked  her before I let go of her hands.

That night the rain was pouring heavily outside the window. The air was cold and we both were two lonely people.

June 27, 2010

The Love of a Firefighter Part 2/3 - Unexpectedly


In the afternoon, children were laughing and playing sprinklers in the yard, their father hasn't come home from work. Mother went to the nearest supermarket to buy groceries needed for their father's business dinner at home, but the main menu was charred in the oven and it caused a big fire in the kitchen. Inevitably, that afternoon filled with screaming and crying of the children who later on noticed it.

June 26, 2010

The Love of a Firefighter Part 2/2 - The Proposal

My father used to say that there would be a time for me to subject to a woman.  I denied it....but that day,  my body felt weak in front of a woman. I, who enjoyed the adrenaline rush through my body and able to conquer the heat of a blazing fire, was standing cold and stiff before her. She's the loveliest woman I have ever seen. There's no flaw in her, even though there was, I must be blind for not seeing it. I could  imagine waking up beside her every morning -- feeling the warmth of her body next to mine, and her soft low breath every time I kiss her goodnight.

She's becoming the reason for me to survive. Every time I threw myself in a dangerous emergency situation, I wanted to wake up the next morning just to feel her loving touch - to feel her embrace around my body. Yes... I was becoming so addicted to her. If I could not see her again, my world would fall out in a moment.

So, that day, I wanted to ask  her the most important question in my life. The one that would change my life forever.
Theme Song: "Crazy Amazing " by V V Brown

"What is it, Dave? Why are you holding me like this and why are your shoulders felt cold? Are you feeling sick?"
"No...I'm not.  I'm fine. Just ... hold me."
I had planned everything perfectly for the special moment, but when the moment came, all those plans were falling apart. I didn't even know where to start.  So, I just kissed her... soft, long, and tender.
The road in front of us would be long, and if she agreed to live with me, she must endure a simple life that I offered. I knew she would not mind by it, but I wanted to offer her more.

Still, the first step must be taken, before she slips away and falls into another man's arms.
"Why are you looking at me like that, Dave? You're making me nervous.... and what's with the suit?" She stared at me with a warm gaze.
"Lila, can't you see it? I'm well prepared only for this special moment, love."

I bowed on my knees and pulled something out of  my pocket. I saved money only to buy this ring. The ring that would bind us together -- a sign for our commitment that would be inaugurated in holy matrimony.

 I hoped ... it would fit in her finger...  But, most of all, I hoped she would accept my proposal.


"Why are you kneeling, Dave?"

"Lila, I have been waiting for this to come. I know, maybe you thought that I wasn't serious. But, I do... I have never been so serious in my entire life. You're the only woman I love and I want you to be there for me always, for the rest of my life. I may not have anything  to offer you right now, but a simple house and the love that I have, but I promise I will make our life together as happy as it can be. Will you do the honor of marrying me?"
"I do.. I do.. I do..."
Carefully, I put the ring on her finger
and felt the soft skin of her arm.

I could not believe that the time finally came. I had a woman who I loved and loved me. The one that I adored so much.
"Dave...  I couldn't wait to tell all my families and friends."
"You can call them now. You can use my cell phone."
"Really? I promise I will not talk too long."
"You may talk as long as you want to... But, please not too long so we can head out to my place.... and now that we are engaged maybe you can sleep over tonight?"
"Dave.. you can.keep on trying, honey."
Well, I tried it anyway...
That day was one of the happiest days in my life...
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The Love of a Firefighter Part 2/1 - Devoutnes


"To be.. or not to be.. But, to be with you, babe... I know it for sure..." 

June 20, 2010

The Love of a Firefighter Part 1 - The New Beginning


"This is Dave. We are on the third floor and run out of air supply. Fire has cut off our escape route. We request a ladder to the window on Delta side of the building. Over."

"Command copied Dave, your escape route cut off by fire. I'm sending the Rapid Intervention Crew to Delta side with a ladder. Over."

After the unexpected call, between the heat and smoke from the burning wood, the firefighter spoke to one of his crews. "Hold on! They'll help us in a moment, Lila." He embraced her shoulders, trying to protect her from the scorching fire. Looking at her almost loosing her breaths, he gave her a comforting and assuring gaze. "We're going to make it.  You and I... We'll have beautiful days ahead, more beautiful than we have already had. I promise."

The Rapid Intervention Crew arrived shortly with a ladder on delta side of the building. The firefighter pulled her arms, trying to help her to get to the window as soon as possible. However, his chest felt tight, and he was coughing between his breaths.

Until finally, he  broke down, having lots  of poisonous gas  in his lungs, kneeling down on his knees like the time  he proposed to her -- the only woman he ever  loved. The firefighter woman took off her  oxygen mask and put it  on his nose.  Her tears dripped at the corner of her eyes. It wasn't because of the heat nor the smoke filling her lungs. Stuttered words came out of her lips.....

"Yes, my love.... you and I ...we'll survive and we'll see our children."

Theme Song: "Shark In  The Water" by V V Brown 


Summer, 2012

Everyone knows that being  firefighters is not an easy job since our lives are at stake. Once we get to the scene, we can only rely on our faith, teamwork, and our engines. Any slices of careless and stupid mistakes, our lives might end in a second. I know that, but still... I decided to be one of them.

My name is Dave. I'm a firefighter, and this is part of the story of my life.
I arrived in Twinbrook in summer 2009, alone without a family or friends. A stranger, just like Twinbrook was a strange place for me. It was the chance  to start a new life and to be the real person who I really am. It greeted me with its mist and welcomed me with smiles from the locals there. It's actually a nice place for anyone to settle in, but beware of what unseen behind everything you can see in there. It's the place where disaster can happen in any time soon, waiting for you in front of your doorsteps. Worse, it could happen in your very own house if you're not being careful.
a firefighter story

"See you again, Dave!" 
"Thanks, Bro!" 

Even though, I came here alone, it didn't take much time for me to mingle with new buddies. My co-workers were okay.  At least, when I got introduced as the new volunteer, they taught me steps and  the ins and outs to become a good fireman and as time passed by, we became close friends like brothers and sisters.
a firefighter story
Everything was going well. I was on my way to reach the top of  my dreams. Still, one problem was overhanging me. The first time I set my foot on Twinbrook, I had no roof, a bed, a stove, or a refrigerator. In fact, I had nothing, but a cell phone. You may wonder how I survived, but I did. The department gave a volunteer like me a room in the firehouse, so I didn't have to worry about where I should sleep.

For me, it was the most comfortable place in the world, at least until I finally got my own space. 

There, we spent our time: developing our skills, maintaining our fire engines, and socializing with other firefighters. Many things happened in there. For me, it was the place where I found myself

friendship, trust, and

June 2, 2010