November 21, 2010

Short (but not quite short) Notice

Dave: "Honey, where are you now? Are you in the doctor's office?"

Lila : "No, I 'm not. I'm in Drea's Hair Saloon and Tattoo."

Dave : "You want to have a hair cut there? But Baby, I love your hair."

Lila : (smiled) "I'm not going to have a hair cut. I want to get a tattoo, same like yours."

Dave : "Tattoo?! But honey, that wouldn't be good for the baby."

Lila : "It's just a temporary one. It's not like I want to have it on my belly. Anyway, you don't have to be worried. They refused to do it, even though I told them that it was our baby's request."

Dave : [Laughed] "I know they would."

Lila : "Don't laugh about it. They shouldn't have let a nine-months pregnant woman like me waiting on the line while reading a stupid book for nothing."

Dave : "Hey, don't be angry. You know .. you're often upset lately. To pay for your disappointment, what do you want me to bring home with today?"

Lila : "...."

Dave : "Why are you so quiet? Just tell me. Do you want some roses of your favorites one or ice cream?"

Lila : "No, I just want you to come home."

Dave: (smiled) "Of course I will, but you must promise me not to do silly things again like before."

Lila : "Silly things? Like what?"

Dave: "Like three days ago, you begged me to play football with you."

Lila : (giggled) "Oh that. The baby and I had a great time. We even defeated you 2:0."

Dave: (not amused) "That's because I threw the game."

Lila : "Huh, is that true? So, what else that's silly?"

Dave: "How about yesterday when you came into the fire house?"

Lila : "Yesterday? I didn't do anything strange. I only brought lunch for you and the crew."

Dave : "Yes, but after that, when I returned from the scene, I saw you sliding down to the base floor."

Lila : (giggled) "That's the easiest and fastest way.... I know what I want now. You don't have to bring me anything. Just a massage on the shoulder like yesterday. It felt good."

Dave : "Okay, anything for my angel and my baby. So, what are you going to do for the rest of the day?"

Lila : "Don't know. Maybe playing kites."

Dave : "Huh..?"

Lila : "I'm kidding. I'm just getting bored without you or my job. I may go to the garden and plant some seeds there."

Dave : "That would be good. Anything... as long it's not dangerous."

Lila : "Silly, I will never do anything dangerous for my little one and ... how about yourself?"

Dave : "What about me?"

Lila : "Yes, what about you? You came home at six in the morning and rushed back again to the office. I called the station. The fire had ended hours before, and they told me that you went home immediately."

Dave : "Oh, that? Baby, that's.. that's because I fell to sleep on the street."


Same as Dave, I haven't got enough sleep for these couple of weeks, completing a deadline. That's why the updates of Dreams Upon a Pillow got delayed for weeks. I'm sorry about this. The updates will be posted next month. Meanwhile, while I was browsing through my files I found my old screen shots (about two years ago) from TS 2. I want to share with you all - sharing the memories of TS 2.

Does she look like a woman taking a commercial break?

Be careful with those candles there! Don't we love this pillow fighting? Just take a look at those feathers!

"How ya doin', Gramps? Have never seen snow before?"

"Oh-oh, a love letter." (Too bad it wasn't for her)

It's really - really annoying. She should be glad that there isn't one in TS 3.

Yay, Birthday Party!

A really awesome Birthday Party!

And finally he got a chance to dance with his secret crush. Of course, big old bigfoot just have to watch over these two.

There's nothing special about this picture (except for a witch in the middle).

Not until I found the whole family gathered around, admiring the paintings and then asked the woman in this family to make tutty frutty the following day.


"Eh, Uhm, yes dear...."

"Are you two playing now... Can I join?

"Eh, Dear... just play with your parents, okay? Gramps and I are pretty busy right now."

"But, they are busy outside too."


Knight Family:

"Come on, Honey! Turn me into a witch too!"

"Aye there! Here I come to become a warlock!"

"Tell me that I'm just imagining things!"

Perhaps, he would like to become a ninja too.

"Well, that one is quite difficult."




"Do you think we are able to save the world?"

"Pumpkins, with love all around us, our world is great. And just being with you and our children, my life is perfect. "


"Sleep tight, my little brother!"