March 21, 2013

Still remember me?

I still remember all of you guys who has been supporting me and my blog mostly to Dee, thank you for your time reading, commenting,  corresponding with me by emails, "listening" to all the ups and downs and those difficult times. It's been a pleasure of knowing you. To PiB, thank you so much for welcoming me into the group blog. I really appreciate that. :)  To Kaleeko, thank you for your wonderful comments. You are a talented writer and an inspiration. To Chrysame, your perspective in viewing the characters had given me lots of inputs. Thank you. To Jennifer, reading your stories is like reading a real life story and you're someone I'd love to know more about. To mmmcheezy225, you said that whenever you read my stories it's like reading a novel. It encouraged me a lot.  Thank you. Last but not least to all the people I've not mentioned here. I want to thank you for your time reading, commenting, and sharing your stories. For me, you are wonderful, and you're all my friends. Thank you for the inspirations.