July 24, 2011

Ch. 16: Love, Anger, Guilt, and Hate Part 1

If a memory could be erased quickly as that, easy as that, and this guilt could easily be snatched away off my chest, I might have found myself standing beside her, my best friend, who's lying on hospital bed,  who needs me at the moment, but here I am... holding my knees. My forehead pressed against my arms, forcing the sweat to sully on the sleeves of my jacket. My knees shakily drawn up in front of me. I saw nothing as the hiccups raced with the bursts of my tears.  

"Stupid...Stupid!" My tongue is at rest, but my heart isn't. I know I should not have acted like this.  I know I should have rushed inside the building and faced the shadows of  doctors and nurses stood in the operation room with their hands covered with blood-- the blood of my mother.

I couldn't understand her reasons as I felt the ice crept up through my bones. How could my mother had chosen to give her life and left me for her?

I didn't want to know about the baby. All I wanted was my mother.

But I knew I could not escape her anymore as I held her in my arms.

My heart melt by her warmth. She looked so much like her. She was the exact resemblance of my mother. My hands began to tremble. I was so afraid that she would slip out of my grips and fall onto the floor, so I held her close and tucked her, sniffing her thin hairs as they brushed against my cheek.

Her eyes closed tight and she yawned as she finally asleep. My fingers caressed her pluffy cheek  as she held my thumb tightly in her sleep.

Time went by and  she became more than my sister. She was my best friend.

Theme Song: Keep Breathing by Inggrid Michaelson

I love her

and I watched her until she was able to sleep on her own bed. Tucking her at night, I told her stories about Thumbelina and about a fish trying to find his son after getting caught by the fisherman's net.

And as I fixed her blanket --ready to say good night to her -- she asked me to let the light on because she was afraid of the monsters who might leap out of the closet. I chuckled because she reminded me of myself. I was  scared of so many things when I was in her age. Waking up at night and found the bed was wet, mom rushed to see me crying. She hugged me and kissed me on the forehead, letting me to sleep by her side until the morning came. Later, my mother told me that as long as I have these butterfly hair pins she gave to me, I would be okay and that the monster would cease and disappear long before they could even open the door, so  I gave my sister one of those pins and told her that momma would always be there for us.

But now... I know I need more than this butterfly hair pin. Death have taken my sister... right there, inside that building as she held my thumb tightly before she let it go forever.

And now, death is going to take my best friend.

Tell me how life is fair?

July 19, 2011

Ch. 15: Lost and Return

"Science facility? I think we've found what you might be interested in." Jon Marsh spoke on the phone to someone in charge of the Landgraab Science Facility. The man whom he spoke to barely able to see him, but he could hear the excitement in John's voice. Yes, the man had heard correctly. Jon Marsh had finally able to smile again after what had happened to him.

Several hours before,  he and his friend, Josh Hamilton, were found by the police sitting in their boat, reprimanding themselves for what had happened to them. Everything had gone out of their plans and what's left of the convict were only her clothes scattered around the deck.

"At least we can go back in and check it out. Maybe it's a treasure , mate."

Josh nodded, but did not elaborate, too tired to tell Jon that they were not in "Pirate of Carribean" movies. But, he was  helpless to say no to his buddy. Together, they dived the sea and Josh only hoped that Jon's words were true or he's going to knock Jon's head  with a hammer for making him go through such trouble.

This time Jon was right, though. Back on the surface, Josh had to admit it to his buddy for ten years. 

They called another boat to pull it out and as the thing they found at the bottom of the sea reached the surface, Josh could not help but stared at the electro-mechanical machine. " Like in Transformer movie, huh?"

Jon's words were proven to be true and that's why he's making that phone call. 

"Okay,  please hold, we're going to connect you to a line..."

Jon waited,  drumming his palm on his thigh and was crossing his fingers tightly.  Hopefully, their finding could redeem what they have lost, but still he could not figure out all the puzzles lingered in. What else could he say? She's gorgeous, too deliciously beautiful to look at, and all they were did were just trying to fill in the empty afternoon with a little party on their boat, even though - minutes before it got started—he could see  obvious signs that no one would come... not even one, except... her. 

The disastrous woman.

July 12, 2011

Ch. 14: Fight for Life

The ICU room fell silent. Faces strained. Each one stared nervously at the seventeen years old girl who hardly even breathed. The electrocardiogram showed nothing, but a straight line which they called a flatline and a long beep replacing the erratic ones- calling everyone's attention. 

The nurse turned her head to the doctor stood in froze. Sweat flowed from the doctor's forehead. 
If he didn't - if they didn't - act quickly then the girl's brain would be in damage and they would lose her forever.

"Doctor...!" The nurse broke his solitude, turning his direction toward her.  The clock had ticked several times.

He inhaled. The heel of his palm pressed against the girl's sternum, ready for a compression. With a shove down hard, he attempted one last shot. "Give her one milligram of epinephrine now!"
"Right, doctor." The nurse administered the drugs into the girl's skin while the doctor pressed down the heel of his palm against the girl's sternum. Somehow... he believed- they believed- she's going to make it...  no matter how or even when....