June 16, 2011

Ch 13: Into The Dark Part 2

The gunfire pulled her awareness back, prodding every erythrocytes inside her blood to swivel around along her veins as they marched to her heart in such a hideous speed. Her feet and the tips of her fingers shuddered, hung limply in the air while two grips were embracing her tight - pushing her onto a man's chest. She knew that those grips belongs to a man because of the warmth and the familiar musk mingled with his sweat as she sniffed it on his shirt, his rapid heartbeats, and his broad shoulder as her head clung to it. She remembered every single details- of how his shoulders were once tear-stained after she fell down from her bike when she was six. Listening to his breaths, she could even tell who the man really was.

"You'll be fine, Rose." His voice was hoarse while another gasps of his breaths were spasmodically being let out upon her hair. They were cold, but not as cold as his grips were -so cold that they made her shiver. Dad?

Her heart rose and fell in a second when a jump shook her and made her awareness fully awake. Alex was lowering her down onto a rough surface that was wobbling whilst she listened to the rhythm of wave came rushing forward at her. In a minute, her back bumped against the wooden surface and soon followed by her head pointed upward to the sky as it leaned heavily on solid edges.

Opening her eyes, everything was surrounded in a blurry haze. The stars glistened, showing off their well-built constellations that had been used by men to predict things- though she had never really believed in such things about human prophecies. In fact, she had never believed anything about myths. Her mind only wondered if it was already near her end as the heaven felt so close for her to reach.

Dropping her head to observe the surrounding, her mouth fell agape. She was curling up on a boat... a lifeboat that was wobbling away by the waves coming at her as though they were going to eat her alive. Only a few inches down then she would be in inside the water. Alex was nowhere in sight and she was feeling too weak to turn her head to find him.

The small boat wobbled again by a weight pushing it down into the water which indicated that someone was making a leap out of it. She neglected it. She shut her eyes for feeling too tired to stay awake or even to analyze her surroundings.

A touch on his left arm opened her eyes. She knew Alex was still there. It was quick and soon the boat was being pushed away from its main ship.