October 2, 2011

Ch. 17: Follow Into The Dark

Her steps were slow and light. Striding upon expanses of white luminous lights, all around her shone, sparkling, and bright; and as she walked inside this seemingly long and endless tunnel, there's no other voices, only a circular beam of lights in front of her. Touching it, she felt  love, joy, peace swept through her from the tip of her fingers -- those beautiful feelings she would never be able to describe, those miraculous feelings she had been longing for in her life.

'This is it." She knew the light was going to take her to a place and it's going to be the end of her journey, the end of her seeking, but as she touched the sparkling light, the center of lights radiating pure and divine love, she felt unworthy enough to enter it.


Remorses caught her languid soul. 

Yet, the pure light once again embraced her, healing every parts of her broken soul, convinced her that there's no other love greater than His love, and then she remembered about the physics lesson in Mrs. Danielle's class... about the supermassive black hole in the universe. Ring of lights and gases with transitory bright spots twirled and radiated, pulling everything around it. Anything would be crushed in a matter of second, but the light in front of her is entirely different. She knew she would be okay. She knew she would always be safe.

But she knew then that she wasn't alone. Someone was waiting behind her, waiting for her to turn around. She felt his warmth, his presence, standing few feet apart from her. Although she hadn't turned around yet, she always knew when he was near... like always.

"You're going?"

She shivered as she touched him gently. His skin turned cold. He had never felt so cold like this before.

"No..." She softly whispered. "I'm staying."

It wasn't her time yet.

It was her time to come home.

But the light suddenly gone. Darkness plunged in between them. Voices whispered:

"He's ours."

"It's no use of coming back."

And something from behind, dark fiery hands, pulled him away. He struggled to stop them, but the red circle sucked him deeper and deeper: hot burning flares, unnerving ones.

"Let go of my hands!" 

"I can't."

"I love you."
He let her hand go.

There was nothing there. The darkness had eaten him alive and she stood there watching him disappeared into the dark.

All of her life,  he has been the one person she could turn to. She could always count on him, crying on his shoulder, laughing beside him, making funny faces only to make use of her dull moments, but now...
With her trembling feet, she gathered her courage. There’s no time for waiting. Cold, and sharp nails cut her bare feet and arms as she was making the leap.

Loping toward him, she was plunged into the darkness. Though, this time, she found herself in a place so familiar to her and in her lap Valentin was resting. His silky hair brushed against her arms. Holding him tighter, she was afraid that he would disappear into the darkness again.

“Everything is going to be okay, right?”

She felt his breathing, but it’s too late, the man had returned.

“Come here!” He grabbed her  by the arm and pulled her to the door. 

She threw one last glance to the body lying helplessly on the ground. She shook her head, refusing to leave, not believing that it’s all real -- that the man was going to take her away and Valentin was already in pain.

“Stop this!” Her feet thud against the edges of the rungs. The man was dragging her upstairs. No matter how  hard she fought, the man's strength was twice stronger than she was.  

Upstairs on the backyard, they stopped. The moonlight flashed upon them. She scream.  The man stunned, letting go of her arms in a shock, making her lost her balance and fell.

The last thing she saw was the man’s  wide-eyed which then followed by the sound of a gunshot... until there was nothing... only  pain, eerie voices,

and darkness. 

Theme Songs:

"Broken" by Lifehouse

 "Follow You Into the Dark"  


♥ MJ said...

If you were wondering, yes, this was the part when some of Rosaline's memories returned and that's why Von was getting in prison before he finally escaped.

PiB said...

Oh my, for you this is a short update but still very powerful. You must spend quite some time to do those screen shots.

Her choice to stay, him being torn from her, her courageous leap. All beautiful and yet so surreal due to the fog and the light.

How did Von invade this space and time.

Lovely work, MJ

♥ MJ said...

Awww.. PiB, thank you.

Yup, there's nothing much going on here :D but hopefully it explained what happened before

Von messing up with space and time dimension is surely not a good idea.

Hmm, who built that time machine?

Thank you again for your lovely comment, PiB ^_^

iron mum said...

Wow, it takes love and commitment to leap into the unknown for someone.

The cops came in the nick of time - didn't they?

Great chapter, look forward to the next.

♥MJ said...

Hi Iron mum,

Yes, she really does "love" him :)

The cop - although he was a bit late and had to be assured first - luckily, came at the right time. This post is connected to previous chapter: Ch. 10 - The Missing Journal.

Still, in her memory we couldn't find out about the Chrystal/ Tiberium -- the thing that the man was looking for beside of the journal.

Thank you, Iron Mum. I'm glad you like it :)

I'll be out of town until next week so the updates will be posted then. I also have read updates from other blogger/simmer friends, but haven't able to comment yet. But, it's coming ...

Jen said...

MJ, this was a very moving chapter. Oh my gawd!
The images the writing, everything, I literally had goosebumps.

The more I read of Rose and Val the more I feel attached to them. I feel like I know them because your updates are quite emotional.
I am so dying to know what is going to happen. I really hope that they both make come through, I'm not sure how I'll feel if even on of them doesn't.

Great work MJ! <3

Oh and sorry it took me so long to stop by and read it, RL, agh, lol!

Hope your doing okay too! *big hugs*

♥MJ said...

Aw thank you so much, Jennifer. I understand very much about RL. It should be on our top priorities. Don't feel too rush to read this. This blog will always be here ;)

I'll miss Eliza, Will, and Josh too if I don't see them. They are so close, so dear to me. I'm glad that you feel attached to Rose and Val. It's been one year I've been writing about them. You can say that I'm "growing" with them ;) Besides writing them, I'm also writing about Lila and Dave (the firefighter story) because their story hasn't finished yet. Their story is quite emotional and it's taking longer time than I thought.

Big hugs for you too <33

I'm doing okay. I find myself more appreciate life, everything that has been given to me, and the time I have with the ones I love :)

I hope you're doing well, too! *hugs*

♥MJ said...

I noticed that the links to my blog on your blogs are always showing .. hours ago. I've no idea why. The link usually didn't show my latest update, but now.. it says that I've just updated it. Sorry for that. I've no idea why. It's really weird.

Jen said...

I must take a wander over to your firefighter story because if the writing in Val & Rose's story is anything to go by then I'm sure I will enjoy this one just as much. :)

Glad to hear you doing okay! <3

Ha, I think that is blogger and sometimes they are really slow to update.

♥MJ said...

Thanks, Jen! I really appreciate it. ^^

I noticed dynamic view and is tempted to try it. It's more simple and useful for blogs update with pics. But, I think I'm going to stick with this template. I'm just wondering if anyone of us will try to use it.

PiB said...

Hey MJ

I've set a dynamic view on my my old not Sims blog http://nicarra.blogspot.com/

But if you've done lots of widgets and a pretty header, they don't work with the new ones at this time.

So it's cool but I'm not using them for most blogs until stuff works better.

♥MJ said...

I've seen it! I think it looks cool, but I don't like the loading animation. I think it looks cool for personal blog/diary with some pics.

I'm going to wait too until it got improved. :)

Kaleeko said...

MJ... I am covered in goosebumps. This... this is just simply amazing.

It's a short post, but I am so moved--your screenshots capture so much that I barely even needed to read the words to know what was going on. "Follow You Into the Dark"... such a perfect song for this. After the journey that Ros and Val have been on together--I can't imagine anything else.

It's amazing, though--back in time?! Ah man... I am so intrigued!! Gaah--your creativity knows no bounds!

I simply can't wait to read what happens next *whisks off to read!* <33

♥MJ said...

Thank you, Kaleeko.

Actually, I was a bit afraid when I first heard the song, because the first line said "Love of my life, someday you'll die... " :O

It's one opportunity to dig up about the past from her memories.

~Drew said...

MJ, Utterly stunning in its execution. I am always amazed what you can conjure up shots and writing wise, and this was no exception.

Perfect song accompaniment, I LOVE that! Val and Rose have such a connection.

Take a bow, so very well done. I am in awe~♥

♥MJ said...

Aw... Thanks ~Drew. I am glad you like it. Yes, rose and val have deep connection. They have been through lots of things together: even lost. But the more emotional part will come... I hope you will still be there when the time comes.

Thank you again, ~Drew!